Welcome to Precision Pistol Works home of 100% Customer Satisfaction. By coming to this site you are already ahead of the game. We have been a driving force behind competition shooters for years.

Now you have the opportunity to go where the pros go. Don’t let your firearm hold you back, take its inacuracies out of the equation and gain the competitive edge.

At PPW we are here to meet all of your gunsmithing needs. Everything from minor to full custom gunsmithing and firearm machining.

We work on all makes and models of all types of firearms. We are also ATF authorized to work on NFA Automatic Weapons.

Here at PPW we beleive that honesty and integrity go a long way. Our shop motto is “We work on customer’s guns as if they were our own”. Meaning we don’t let a gun leave the shop unless we would be happy or satisfied with the job if it was our own gun.

Thank you for visiting our site. We look forward to taking your firearm to the next level.